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Simple Fun Kid Parties

  Kid Themed Birthday, Classroom and Fun Parties

Creative kid-party planning made simple!  



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About Simple Fun Kid Parties


Simple Fun Kid Parties:

It is a site intended for the time-, creative-, monetary-challenged, or ANY person looking to throw a fun, creative, kid party for not a lot of money!


Simple Fun Kid Parties helps you to plan a creative, fun home party. This site provides creative ideas, links, agendas, resources, hints, shopping lists, time guides, suggested ages and many other things to make your party a fun and low cost event!


The Room Mom Corner is designed to give suggestions for being a room mom as well as ideas and links for themes, crafts, games, and activities for each of the school classroom parties.  It also has an extensive list of possible teacher gifts.


About the Webmaster:


The idea for Simple Fun Kid Parties was started after many years experience throwing kid parties both for home and school parties for my own children. SimpleFunKidParties.com was first launched using Googlepages in June 2008 and has since been launched again in September 2009 with a new exciting look.


I am a mother of two great kids that have been inspirations for the parties (and my party testers).  I am a licensed teacher (K-8) and have previously taught elementary grades.  I am a seasoned room-mom.  After six years, I retired from room mom positions to share!  I was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. I  have gone back to work as a preschool teacher, photographer and webmaster/party planner (all my part-time jobs)!


I have been involved with kids one way or another my entire life and I really enjoy helping others so it seemed like a great extension to what I already like to do. I love designing, writing, researching, and planning kid activities; so it has been a great fit.  It helps to have an encouraging and supportive husband and family.


I hope this site provides usable ideas and is a time and money saver for your family parties.  


Please feel free to contact me if you have Questions, Comments, or Feedback!









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