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Classroom Games and Activities


Age-Appropriate Games and Activities:


Keep your theme in mind when planning your classroom party.  Any game can be modified to fit your theme or the space given. Think about the age of the students and plan things that are age-appropriate.  You would not want to have a two and three year old try to play an organized sport. (Blue denotes link to specific activity directions)


Two and Three Year Olds:


At this age keeping the activities simple and based on interest of the individual child is best.  This is not the age to try structured group activities unless you have willing kids and a few helpers.  


Best activities for this age include: (Blue indicates link)




Four and Five Year Olds:


With this age you can get a bit more into organized games.  Some will have more interest than others.  Offer choices for those who do not wish to participate.  


Some of the same activities listed for twos and threes can also be used with this age group.  They still like to do a lot of the easier activities also. Any of the following can also have variations to the game to fit your theme or variations to the game rules to fit your age group. Try to fashion games to find ways to keep a person in.  

For example: With Simon Says, I don’t make people that make a mistake on Simon Says be out, they have to jump once, then on the second mistake they have to jump twice, mistake three jump three times.  It keeps everyone in, entertained, and some kids like to jump even if they didn’t mess up!


Good activities for this age group include: (Blue indicates Link)





Six to Ten Year Olds:


In this age group you can begin to play more complex games and activities.  They can do more physically and mentally are ready for more complex organized games.  Think about the space given for your class party, you can always modify and simplify more complicated games.  All games can be modified to fit your theme.  In stead of Duck, Duck, Goose if you are throwing a fall themed party it can be “pumpkin, pumpkin, scarecrow!” or Winter Party, it could be “snow, snow, blizzard!” Valentine: Hug, Hug, Kiss or Heart, Heart, Love.  Use your imagination


Best game activities for this age group:




Crafts at this age group can really have some fun.  By this time, kids are finishing up the developing of fine motor skills and can really put their skills to use.  Keep directions clear and precise and have a model made and make one with them to help them.  Most will begin to follow much more complex directions if they are clear.



Tweens: Nine to Twelve Year Olds


You can really have a lot of fun with this age group.  They are definitely ready for some complex, organized activities.  On the flip-side, some tend to be pickier for the activities that they wish to participate in. You could still probably use some of the previous mentioned games.  Consider your age group.


Best activities for this age group:







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