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Clue Party Game:  

Modified Whole House Version  




This version is more complicated and takes more prep time, but is quite fun. This version also requires some creativity on your part.


It has been kid-tested!  And they loved it!


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Materials Needed:


Detective Note sheets --modified to your character list (e.g. more players=more characters; boy version vs. girl version)


Modified Clue Cards: suspect cards, weapon cards, and room cards


Manilla envelopes (9”X 12”)--enough for one envelope for each team of two to three guests (depending on the number of total guests)


Card stock (white-if color printer available--colored card stock is another option)--to print the Modified Clue cards




Printer (preferably color)




Optional: Confidential or Top Secret Stamp for envelopes (if you have access to one;  printing large words and gluing to envelope works equally as well)




See example of Detective Note sheets...can be recreated to meet your suspect list, weapons, and room list.


I used a Microsoft Power Point table to make cards.


--Make your name character name selections...we used the standard six Clue Characters and added Miss Peach


--Make your weapon list...the weapon list we used was changed to make it more child friendly...


--Make your room list specific to your house...


Our Weapon list included...


a flashlight for the candle stick


swim noodle in place of the lead pipe


jump rope for rope


toy knife from kid kitchen for the knife


a plastic wrench from kid tool box


water pistol for gun


Our Room list included...


Study--living room




Kitchen--main part of kitchen


Dining Room--kitchen table (our dining room is our den)


Lounge--family room


Front Hall--that one is obvious


Lavatory--instead of Conservatory--we chose basement bathroom but 1/2 bath could work as well


Ball Room--we blew up balloons and put them in the TV viewing portion of our finished basement


Ping-Pong Room--in place of Billiard Room--this is also in our basement


Recommendation:  a sign for each room posted some where in view to name the room for the party. Helps guests not as familiar with your house.


Before putting Clue cards into envelope--sort into piles by category... rooms, weapons, and suspects.  Mix only the weapons pile up together then take one from the pile and put it into a separate envelope. Do the same for the suspects and then for the rooms.In that envelope make sure there are only three cards (don't look if you would like it to be a surprise for you too!).  Put that envelope aside.  


In an envelope for each team, divide the rest of the cards.  

You can label it  "TOP SECRET!" and put it up where no one can reach it...but perhaps can still see it.


Then mix the rest of the cards together.  Put several into each team envelope depending on the number of players that you have.  Leave some for ALL players to see and mark on their Detective Note sheet (the game can get a tad long without this option).  When you are ready to play the game, have the guests get into teams or you pick teams.  Give each team number.  This will help when teams need to show cards to another team, so you know who shows to whom.  (For example: Team #1 will make a suggestion and ask Team #2 if they have any of their selections.  If they do Team#2 will need to show Team #1 one card they have...if they do not have any cards, then the play continues to Team #3 to show any cards they might have to Team #1.  On Team #2's turn, Team #2 will start by asking Team #3.  And on Team#3's turn, Team #3 will start by asking  Team #1.  It is harder to keep track when you are moving around the house vs. sitting at the table in a regular game. )  Teams should record information on Detective Notes record sheets.


The modified house game is played just like the CLUE game, but the guests move from room to room where they want to make a suggestion or accusation.  (No dice is needed).  The actual person "in character" should stand up in the room with the selected "weapon" for others to see...just like in the game just using real people and "weapons."


Making Accusations is the same as the game.  If the Team wishing to make an Accusation is correct they win the game.  If they are not correct, then they are out of the game, and the game continues until a Team selects the correct suspect, weapon, and room.


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Tell me what you think... feedback always appreciated... simplefunkidparties


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