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Simple Fun Kid Parties

  Kid Themed Birthday, Classroom and Fun Parties

Creative kid-party planning made simple!  



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Dog Party for Kids:


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This kid themed birthday party let's kids have some doggone fun!!


Check out HELPFUL HINTS before starting your party planning!


Suggested ages 4-9 for girls or 4-7 for boys (depending on your child and friends). This party was planned for eight year old girl sleep over.

Party options may need to be reduced for or modified to fit your specific duration and age group


Full descriptions of activities are listed below...






  1. Select ears and tail.  Whiskers and nose added if wanted. (5 min)
  2. Practice being a dog/ Dog snacks out (10-15 min--while guests arrive)
  3. Select a dog (5 min)
  4. Adopt a stuffed dog (5-10 min)
  5. Make id tags and dog bowls (bake Shrinky Dinks while kids doing next activity) (15 min)
  6. Scavenger bone hunt (hide treats in front yard before guest come) (10 min)
  7. Catch the tail-game (kids get into a train-head dog tries to catch the last dogs’ tail ) (10 min or longer depending on interest level)
  8. Eat dinner/ clean up (optional)
  9. Make collars and bracelets use id tags ("Name That Breed" sheet, if finish early) (15-20 min)
  10. Kids play “Pass the Bone” (like hot potato) and “Doggie Doggie Where’s your bone?” use large milkbone for each. (Kids play while clean up in process if dinner included) (15 min-or longer)
  11. Open presents
  12. Make Brownie Sundaes (eat out of dog bowls) (20 min)
  13. Dog Agility Show (have kids practice doing trials) (20+ min)
  1. Award ceremony for Agility show (5 min) (optional)
  2. Spread out sleeping bags/Dance to “Who let the dogs out!” (10 min+) (optional)
  3. Watch dog movie (1.5-2 hrs) (optional)
  4. Get ready for bed (if you have a tent this could be the big dog house, optional)
  5. Put in last movie (optional)



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Dog Party Descriptions:


Select Ears and Tail:


Prep: head bands-thin kind with covered metal (in brown, black or white), felt for ears and tail made to coordinate with head bands, hot glue gun ears to headbands, cut out tails , face paint or lipstick and eyeliner for nose and whiskers  (optional)


Do headbands ears and tails ahead!


When kids arrive, allow them to get into character by letting them select their dog "costume."  Have only a couple of options for colors (Or keep color all the same--you decide)...duplicates of colors make easier selection for everyone. We used the colors of the headbands as a guide.  White, we put dots for a Dalmatian.  We made only floppy kinds of ears and all the same...like a basset hound.  Tail was about 6-8 inches... basic dog tail.  You can  have them tuck them in to the waist band (or optional-safety pin to waist--be sure to remember this though for upcoming game!). Optional put nose and whiskers on only if the guests would like it... consider allergies too, so check with parents first...or just fore go this portion.


Dog practice:


Prep: dog dishes (cheap) for dog snacks, set out dog-like treat snacks (Combos, Scooby Snacks, Coco Puffs, or Captain Crunch peanut butter flavored).


Have the kids get into character and practice doing dog tricks with dog treats set in bowls on counter. Each kid as they arrive at the party can join in after selecting their ear/tail.  Have a list of tricks they can practice while you are attending new guests.  Tricks: Sit, Sit/Stay, Roll-over, Shake, Playing Dead, Crawling.  Have them create their own special trick...that, hopefully, does not include the furniture!!



Select a Dog:


Prep:  Purchase cheap stuffed animal dogs (check dollar stores or craft stores), small basket (craft stores), Write cards of doggie personality descriptions. As a cheaper alternative you can have guests bring a dog stuffed animal from home...just be sure to put it on the invitation!


Once all guests have arrived, have each select a dog to adopt based on the dog description.  Can let kids pick one at a time or all at once.  Younger kids may like similar dogs, so consider this when selecting dogs at time of purchase... consider all the same style or color, if available.  Older kids can generally be more accommodating and flexible with the selections.


**Note--I found small 3-4 inch dogs at a craft store in the dollar section a few weeks before the party and then purchased small baskets with little lids to prop the dogs in, also from same store.  You can certainly be creative with what you choose; other possibilities depending on the size dogs you find would be small gift bags, gift boxes, Chinese Take-out looking gift boxes...use your imagination!



Adopt a Dog:


Prep:  Modify, create or purchase certificates for your party, Print Certificate, pen to fill in dog name and pet owner name, (optional: list of possible dog names)


Once the selection of dogs has been completed, have the guests select dog names for their new (stuffed) pet. You may want to consider having a list of name choices for those who are having difficulty finding coming up with a name.  Fill out certificate of pet ownership with dog name and owner name.  




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Make ID tags and Decorate Bowls:




Id Tags:  Use Shrinky Dinks (see craft stores) --trace and cut into circles about the size of a standard drinking glass (about 2- 2 1/2 inches-- can use the glass as a stencil), use Hole-punch to punch hole in the top of the UNBAKED Shrinky Dinks--MUST do this before baking!!  Make enough circles for each child to have two circles (an ID tag for their dog and one for a bracelet for themselves.) Colored pencils, required.  Follow directions on Shrinky Dinks package.  (Need cookie tray, oven, and construction paper or grocery bag)


Have kids color on the rough side of the Shrinky Dink circle with colored pencils.  On one circle they can include the name of their dog and decorate...on the other circle they can decide to make a matching id tag or do something else for their bracelet charm.  Once all the circles are finished follow the directions on the package for heating them in the oven.  Have kids work on bowls when finished. Set aside ID tags until later to allow time to cool.


Decorate Bowls:  


Prep:  Need plastic (human or dog) bowls (grocery type stores or dollar stores for good options), wash bowls before eating, and colored Sharpie Permanent Markers.  


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Instruct kids to decorate only on the OUTSIDE OF THE BOWL...not in the portion where they put food!!  Bowls can be put aside and used later for dessert (ice cream/ brownie sundaes or cake to be eaten Doggie style--Look MOM! NO Hands!).



Scavenger Bone Hunt:


Prep: actual bone-shaped dog biscuits (medium or small size), Count out desired amount to hide (remember that number), Hide (inside or out)


Have the guests each find at least one dog biscuit (based on the number you have hidden.)  It is like an egg hunt but with dog biscuits!



Catch the Tail Game:


Prep:  Make sure everyone has a doggie tail tucked into waist band or back pocket of pants (tails should not be pinned for this activity)


Have the guests get into a line all front to back.  Have them place their hands on or around the waist of the person immediately in front of them.  The head person tries to catch and capture the tail of the last person.  The people at the end are trying to keep the head from catching the tail.  Fun (Loud) outside activity.


Option instead of Catch the Tail:


Duck, Duck, Goose--Played as Woof, Woof, Howl or Cat, Cat, Dog.  Sit in a circle.  One person lightly taps seated players heads saying...(insert your option here) Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, and on HOWL...the seated person must get up to chase the Woofer...the Woofer must make it around the circle to where the Howler sat before he/she is tagged.  If they do not make it they sit in  "the doghouse" (the middle) for a round; if they make it they get to sit in the circle.  The Howler is now the Woofer.



Best time to get dinner or cake/dessert ready. (optional)


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Make Collars and bracelets:


Prep:  Measure the length of elastic to fit around the size dog you have selected for the adoption... allow enough to be able to tie the elastic.  Tie a bead to one end of the string to allow for easy beading with little fingers.  Do the same for elastic with bracelets for guests--cut and tie one bead on to one end.  Put beads in several small bowls for easy reach for all guests. Cut doggy ribbon for leashes. ID tags for dogs and for bracelets. (Optional-print Dog Match Activity for those done early)


Give each guest a string for their dog collar and their bracelet.  Each guest will also receive the ID tags they made earlier as well.  Instruct the kids to use the beads to string their collars and bracelets--be sure to instruct them to put the ID in about halfway through the beading process.  Have the kids after they have finished beading to lay simply the string of beads on the table by their place and to let you know they have finished. (DO NOT LET THEM HAND THEM TO YOU--BEADS GO EVERYWHERE IF THEY PICK UP THE WRONG END)


To eliminate "bead-flying-episodes", you (or another adult) instead of the guest should tie the strings together for both the collar and the bracelets. Have the guests tie a ribbon to the collar for the leash.  


*If the kids finish early, they can begin to practice their tricks for the up coming agility training or do the Dog Match Activity.



Circle games-Pass the Bone and Doggie, Doggie Where's Your Bone?:


Prep:  Need a milk bone dog biscuit or a cut out of a dog bone shape. CD or downloads of dog music (Disney has a Dog Songs CD on Amazon) or Who Let the Dog's Out by Baha Men (Wal-mart Downloads or Amazon)


Pass the Bone- Played like a combo Hot Potato and Musical Chairs.  Have the guests sit in a circle on the floor.  Pass the bone as quickly as possible around the circle to music.  When the music stops while someone has the bone they can sit in the middle for a round or can have them do their best dog trick or imitation but can continue to play.


Doggie, Doggie Where's your Bone?

Guests sit in circle.  One person is selected to be the doggie and sits in the middle.  As the doggie sits in the middle with his/her eyes closed... others chant as the adult or the past Doggie gives a new person the bone:




Doggie, Doggie, Where's your bone?


Somebody stole it from your home.


Guess Who?  Maybe you...


Maybe monkeys from the zoo...


Wake up Doggie, find your bone!



While the guests in the circle are chanting, by the "Maybe Monkeys" line, the new person should have the bone and ALL chanters should put their hands behind their backs.  At the end of the chant, the Doggie should open his/her eyes and the Doggie gets three chances to find the bone holder.  The bone holder will become the new Doggie whether the Doggie has chosen correctly or not.  


Play until everyone gets a turn that wants one.



Good time for Cake or Brownie Sundaes/opening presents:


Prep:  Make sure to have the camera or video camera charged!  Have a paper and pencil for writing names and presents for thank-you notes later.  Ingredients for Brownie Sundaes or Cake and Ice Cream (your choice).  Be sure to use their bowls they decorated!!


We let them make their own doggy sundaes and, of course, EAT LIKE A DOG!!


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Dog Agility Training/Show: (optional)


Prep:  Hula Hoops,  Balls- big beach ball and smaller sized ball (tennis or small beach ball), other items for obstacles (can use chair, jump ropes, tunnels, trapeze on swing set--depending on your situation)


Set up an Obstacle Course type of activity and have someone run through it ahead to work out the kinks.


Have the guest one or two one or two at a time run through the course to practice.  Guest may choose to have their adopted dogs do the course with the guest as the trainer...or may choose to run the course as a dog!


Contests could include:


Push ball with nose (use big then little balls)


Jump through hoop


Jump to reach trapeze on swing set (optional)


Multi-hoop jump


Tricks- Roll over, play dead, beg, shake


Dog barking contest


Hint: We also had a doggie pyramid (kids in doggie position--all fours and other kids on their backs) the kids got into at the end of the dog agility run and took pictures of them in their dog attire (ears and tails)!  Wonderful photo opportunity!



Dog Agility Awards: (optional)


Prep:  Awards for made ahead (can put names in later).  Judging options: Best Dog Nose for Pushing, Best Hoop Jumper, Farthest Hoop Jumper, Best Overall Dog Trick, Best Barker, Best Dog Shake, Best Doggie Beggar, Best at Rolling Over, Silliest or Funniest Bark, Loudest Bark, etc.


If you select this option be sure everyone gets an award.


Sleep over Option: (optional)


Prep:  Get sleeping bag positions ready and pajama's on for movie.  Popcorn and drinks.  Play dog music to dance to entertain as they will finish at different times.


Movie Choices:  Scooby Doo, 101 Dalmatians, Airbud (any), The Shaggy Dog, Shaggy DA or your favorite


It is a good idea to preview the movie or check out sites like commonsensemedia.org or Rotten Tomatoes or others for reviews about movies before allowing guests to see it at your party.  Please consider all guests before showing a movie to assure age-appropriateness for all.


AM Option:


Let kids practice being dogs!!  Play any game not played the evening before.  Opt for easy breakfast.




This party agenda can be used as a "guide."  Activities may be omitted or rearranged.  Some activities might be more popular with the kids, so feel free to adjust based on child interest level.  Kids also like to add in games that they have learned or know.  This is totally okay to allow kid-run activities at 7-9 yo!


If you want to have a dinner as portion of the evening festivities ...I would recommend choosing a time while the kids are engaged in a game that can be done by themselves and having an easy meal with the bulk of the prep done ahead.


Note: A good party always has plenty to do to keep the kids engaged...so plan more as a fail-safe...not enough to do can be SCARY!  Also, if the guests are having fun with one activity, no need to try to rush them through something just because you have more planned.  Use their interest level as your guide.





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Tell me what you think... feedback always appreciated... simplefunkidparties


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