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Simple Fun Kid Parties

  Kid Themed Birthday, Classroom and Fun Parties

Creative kid-party planning made simple!  



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Useful Party Resources:


Other Party Ideas

Low-cost venue parties:


Party entertainment:

These can be used for additions to home parties or other venue parties.  They typically increase the overall cost but can still be fun entertainment for kids.


Other Venues:

Some of the following may be viable solutions for not having a home party.  Also, may depend on your local area.  Be sure to check local listings for more ideas.  Some may be more pricey than others. See Article: How to find a Cheap Party Venue



Service or Community Centered Party Ideas:


Some kids might have the giving heart or an activist heart and would like to have a party that helps others.  Find a service project that could take the spirit of giving and benefiting others.  


This might be good for those children who have everything and want nothing (though I am sure they are few and far between, I know there are kids out there like that.)


Donate your time or goods to a helpful cause either in community, country, or world.  


Check first with organization for permission and age requirements:


Local Soup Kitchens

Animal Shelters

Food Pantry

Collect for military

Community Clean up

Can Drive



Party Links:


Party Game Central


Oriental Trading


Birthday Party Ideas








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Helpful Articles:


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