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Party Decorations and Supplies


Parties can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  Some people like to decorate full out for the theme and others put more time into the games and activities.  Decide what kind of effort you would like to put forth for your party.  I usually like to keep the guests level of activities somewhat organized so I tend to error more on what the kids will be doing, but it is truly a personal choice.  


Check out Party Hints.


As the host of the party you can get pretty creative for you theme with or without spending a lot of time and money in the process.  


Set a budget for supplies and decorations (based on the number of guests).  Helpful hint:  Use that budget to determine what supplies are needed first. Then after all the necessaries are bought, then think about decorations.  This method is usually a money saver.


Getting creative for decorations can also help.  The Internet is a wonderful source for pictures, fonts, and ideas for making items to fit your theme.  Shopping sales ahead is a great way to save money on decorations for your party.  Do not forget about fabric and craft stores as well as party stores.  All can provide great ideas.


If time is more of the issue for you.  There are plenty of pre-made decorations that you can find either in stores or on the Internet.

Consider your time and budget with these and shop away.


Consider your theme and generate ideas of what you want by checking out online sources or shopping.  Some people pick their theme by letting the birthday child select the birthday plates and then build a party around that.  Some pick their theme and look for things to go with the theme.  Either way works out well.  


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