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Simple Fun Kid Parties

  Kid Themed Birthday, Classroom and Fun Parties

Creative kid-party planning made simple!  



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Shopping Lists:


For your convenience all shopping lists have a link on this page by party theme.


Clue Party Shopping List


Dog Party Shopping List


Hawaiian Luau Party Shopping List


Spy Party Shopping List


Wild West Shopping List



Tips for shopping lists:


Check out HELPFUL HINTS before starting your party planning!


Be sure to look over the party you select and identify the activities that you expect doing at your specific party.  Each party agenda has a list of preparation and materials needed for each activity.  Print off the shopping list and cross-check the items needed to purchase based on the activities you intend to do at your specific party.  


Planning ahead can save you money.  So if you plan your theme early, be on the look out for sales for items on your shopping list.


ALL prep work should be complete before guests arrive to help your party to run more smoothly.


Keep on an eye on the weather report if any of your activities are to be outside.


Enlist reliable helpers to help you with prep if needed and party.


Borrowing:  Some items do not need to be purchased so this list can also serve as items need to be “rounded up” for your party.  Use borrowing as much as you can to save money... but LABEL or make a list of everything you borrow with whom it is from and RETURN IT PROMPTLY after your party!!


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