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Spy Party for Kids



This party is for the spy-minded kids looking to have a lot of fun and learn a few spy tips along the way! This party adds some spy intrigue for both younger and older kids.


Suggested age: 7-14 boy or girl (Can adjust the level of complexity for different age levels.)


Party was planned for a 12 year old boy as a sleep over.  It was also used again a few years later for a 12 year old girl party!!


Check out HELPFUL HINTS before starting your party planning!  




Full party descriptions listed below…


Party Agenda:

1. Disguises and Code name selection (5-10 min)

2. Take pictures in disguise (5-10 min)

3. Ice Breaker Activity/Make Spy badges (10-15 min)

4. Spy Training Exercises

-Obstacle Course (10-15 min)

-Code Ciphering (10-15 min)

(Good time for dinner or dessert option)

-Secret SPY Missions (5 min)

-Stealth testing (10-15 min)

-Disguises (10-15 min)

OPTIONAL Craft:  Shirt decorating

6. Lie Detector testing (20-30 min—depending on activities selected)

7. Mission #2—Bomb Detection (10 min)

8. For younger guests play I Spy or Hide and Seek and older guests can play Blind Man's Bluff or Capture the Flag (20-30 min depending on activities selected)

(Good time for dessert/presents)

9. Mission #3—Scavenger Hunt (15 min)

10. Movie (optional) (1.5-2.5 hours)

11. Sleep over (optional)


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Disguises and Code Names and pictures

Prep: Have the following one per guest: Solid black t-shirts, fake mustaches, cheap black sunglasses, optional black fedora hat (Party City or party stores have a plastic version), black balloons, (optional Name tags—if spy badge option not selected)


As each guest arrives have a “disguise” for him or her. Give each guest a black t-shirt (can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or cheaper option is to have guest come to the party dressed in black). For a picture, I had black (cheap) sunglasses (party store), fake mustaches, fedora hat, and a trench coat for them to put on for a picture. This can be used for ID badge (if you have digital camera and printer) and for thank you notes. Have kids select Code Names while others are getting their pictures taken. Black balloons can be placed in one room for bombs…this is fun just free time activity while you are waiting for others to finish as well.


Ice Breaker

Prep:  Play game Quick Answer. See Questions below or make your own.


(While guests play game, you can be downloading pictures and names to Agent ID badges and printing them out, if you choose to do that option!)


Quick Answer Game:


Guests should sit in a circle with one person in the middle. The middle person will ask the group questions, but the group has to answer the questions incorrectly. Everyone should respond to the question quickly (within 1-2 seconds). The questions are easy so it might be hard not to answer them the correctly! To stay in the game, guests must not take too long to answer, should not hesitate or stumble and cannot give the correct answer and quickly change it. The group or adult can act as a judge for whom can stay in the game. Remember it is all in fun and those that get out can still act as judge. This is a spy skill, thinking on your feet and not giving away things that you do not want the others to learn from you!



What is your name?

Where do you live?

How old are you?

Do you have any brothers?

How many toes do you have?

What month is this?

How many months in a year?

What is the weather outside?

What letter comes after M?

What is 4+2?

What was President Washington’s first name?

What number comes after 11?


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Spy Training:

For this portion of the party, there are multiple activities to prep for. They will be listed with each activity.


Obstacle Course:

Prep:  This can be done inside or outside depending on your situation and weather. For these activities, you will need to decide what will work best for your individual situation and plan for those with the correct materials.


Obstacle Course: Find a spot in the yard, garage, street, basement…that will allow for some kind of obstacle course…you can add in obstacles to run around, climb over or through, crawl under… (chairs or under tables, work well if inside or bushes or trees if out!) You can add a jump rope to part of the course. Be creative.


Bomb Course: Black balloons needed.

Use a smaller room and place a few black balloons in for bombs—increase number of balloons with each try. Guests must move through/across the room without touching a black balloon. (Can have them run, jump, crawl, hop)


Code Ciphering:

Prep:  Will need to have several cipher/decoder available. Can have messages pre-made or have each Agent make their own secret message for others to cipher.


http://www.scouting.org.za/codes/ or Cryptokids (Click--Make your Own Secret Codes, then click Make a Cipher)


**Good time for break for dinner prep or dessert prep

If you want to have a dinner as portion of the evening festivities, I would recommend choosing a time while the kids are engaged in a game that can be done by themselves for your final dinner preparations.

Plan as much grunt-work of dinner to be done before guests arrive, allowing you time to enjoy the party.


Secret SPY Mission:

Prep:  For this activity, you may make up secret missions for each guest or use already made secret mission. Need envelopes and missions should be printed and cut apart (or hand-written) and put in small white envelopes ahead of time. Be sure to make one secret mission for each guest.


Point out that this is their own personal secret mission and no one should figure out what it is…until the end. This is the true test of their spy skills!


Stealth Testing:

Prep: You will need string or red crate paper. Using a small room or confined space string “lasers” in a random pattern around the room. You want to use chairs, tables, doorknobs or whatever you can find to hold the string for the web of lasers. Decide what will work best for your individual situation.


For the Stealth Testing, explain what stealth means (The act of moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert way.) Guests must make it through to the other side of the web of lasers without touching the string or crate paper (whichever you chose). Use other guests to help detect if the web was touched! Let each guest try and then they can move to the end of the line to try again. See if their skills improve with each try!! You can decide base on interest level of the kids, how long to continue with this activity.


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Disguise Relay (optional):

Prep: Have at least one full disguise assembled for each team (at least two). More variety is good but if you do not want that much hassle…one complete outfit for each box or brief case is good. Need two boxes (or two briefcase or suitcase for variation listed below).


Ideas for disguises include:

Clothes: shirts, sweater, t-shirt, shorts, skirts, shoes, coat

Accessories: belt, scarf, tie, wig, glasses, sunglasses, hat, brief case, purse, travel bag, fake mustache


Divide guests into at least two teams and form a line per team. Each team will send one person to the box at a time. The first dresses in the outfit and comes back and undresses to pass the disguise onto another. The second person then runs back to the box and undresses. Then runs back to the line and the third person runs to get into disguise and runs back to the line and undresses and passes off the disguise and the clothes keep passing until each has had a turn. Be sure to have the camera ready!!


Variation: Put one complete spy outfit in a suitcase or briefcase (one case for each team). One person per team opens their case, dresses, runs to the next set point (set a starting line and a turning around set point before starting the game) undresses and puts everything back if and returns to pass case onto next person in line. (Could get creative with older kids and add a mini obstacle course before undressing.)


OPTIONAL Shirt decorating

Prep:  Black shirt per guest (100% cotton works best), fabric spray paint for dark colors or bleaching paste, stencils, have old shirts for guests to wear and do in a well ventilated area


Activity:  For the boy party the guys just wore the black shirts but they could be interested in decorating as well.  For the girls party, I used the spray paint for dark colors.  The stencils did not work so well for this so the girls ended up doing a drip splatter effect that really turned out cute.  

The other method that I would also use is controlled bleaching paste particularly if you are using dark colors.  



Lie Detection:

Game choices:  What is your Lie? or Lie Detector (can choose one or both)


What is your Lie?

Prep: Paper and pencil

Guests write three items about themselves--Two are to be true and one is a lie. Have the guests write them down so they can read them, then have others guess which is the “LIE”. The others may put up the number of fingers corresponding to which the statements were read to show which was the LIE. (1 finger for the first statement, two fingers for the second statement, three for the third statement.) Each may reveal their truths and lies at the end of their turn. Give each guest an opportunity to read his or her's and have others guess. Spy skill--detecting a lie!



I learned to ride my bike at age 8.

I have never been to the shore.

Everyone in my family has blue eyes.

(For those interested, number two is the lie)


Lie Detector Card Game:

Prep:  Deck of cards, table or space to play, and directions from Family Fun for Lie Detector card game (game similar to Bull $#!^ or I Doubt It)


Mission #2: (optional)

Bomb Detection:

Prep:  Black take-out boxes like Asian restaurants send home (Check party stores or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby—sometimes found in the gift box/wrap area), individually wrapped candy. Put candy in boxes. Hide boxes around a specific area. Use envelope to hold Mission #2. Label envelope "Mission #2--Top Secret"


Modify and use Secret Mission #2 Black Take-out document or make up your own. Have the guests each find one box and follow the directions on the Secret Mission document. All the guests should find one and wait to open them all together. Talk up the importance of following directions to make a good spy agent!


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Spy Games:

Prep:  I Spy or Hide and Seek and older guests can play Blind Man's Bluff or Capture the Flag

Print and read before party.


(The web site Party Game Central offers directions also and can be searched by the game title)


You can choose one or a combination of the games based on the age, time, and complexity you would like to have for your party.


**Good break for dessert prep or dinner


Mission #3:

Missing Item Scavenger Hunt:

Prep: Make clues for finding the treasure (see sample below). Will need envelopes, computer and printer or can be hand written. The treasure could be finding the movie or finding the cake (or something else related to the party). See Secret Mission #3 for ideas. Clues will need to be modified to fit your situation and age level. For younger guest, picture clues can be used to identify where to look for the next clue.


Prep and hide ahead: Make a master list and a list to be cut up.  The master list will help you see where to hide each clue and then cut up clues will be what you hide.  Do not forget that the preceding clue tells you where to hide the next clue.  When hiding the scavenger hunt clues keep the first one out to put in an envelope to be used at the start of the game. Label envelope Mission #3. Hide in the rest clues order (Don't forget to read first clue to see where to hide the second clue and so on).  You can also make notes to yourself ahead on the back of each clue where to hide or just use the master list. Do not forget to put the "treasure" in its hiding place as the last thing to find!


*NOTE:  If some of you clues are to be hidden outside can put them in a plastic bag to hide.  Do not forget to keep an eye on the weather.  Have a plan if it is supposed to rain.  


If you can, try to have everyone wait until the whole message is read before the group runs off to find the next clue. Some over eager beavers usually like to run to the next before others have even heard the clue. Good option is to have everyone take a turn reading the clues.


Movie Options:

Spy Kids (any)

Agent Cody Banks (any)

Kim Possible-The Movie


For older parties-(rated PG-13)

*Preview movie and check with other parents first to select the appropriateness for all your guests and check out web sites like Rotten Tomatoes or others for movie reviews.


James Bond movies

Mission Impossible (any)

Austin Power Movies


Sleep over (optional):

Prep: Have kids set up sleeping area before watching movie. Kids can choose to watch or nod off. Play any games in the morning that you did not get to or that were really fun and they want to do them again.


**This party agenda can be used as a "guide." Activities may be omitted or rearranged. Some activities might be more popular with the kids, so feel free to adjust based on child interest level. Kids also like to add in games that they have learned or know. This is totally okay to allow some kid-run activities at this age!



This party was planned for 12 year old boy sleep over. It would be appropriate for 7-14 year old--depending on your group and the selection of activities.




Note: A good party always has plenty to do to keep the guests engaged...so plan more as a fail-safe...not enough to do can be SCARY! Also, if the guests are having fun with one activity, no need to try to rush them through something just because you have more planned. Use their interest level as your guide.



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