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Teacher Gift Ideas


It's that time of year again and you aren't sure what teachers would like...


Note: To be honest, teachers love a thank you note of appreciation for all of the time and efforts they put forth (even if you don't always agree with them.)


Teacher Gift Ideas:


Gift certificates (a collection from the class presented in a creative way or a large gift certificate)


Gift certificates to:










TEACHER WEB SITE GIFT CERT: http://www.teachingmadeeasier.com/buy_gift.asp


Individual Gift Ideas:


Suggestions include:


(Side note: I say younger teachers, not that teachers that have been teaching a while wouldn't like those things...but if they have taught for a few years they might already have a fabulous collection from previous classes)


Items for the classroom:


*Books may seem a "boring" gift but to a teacher and students, they are indispensable! Having multiple copies of books is definitely okay. Also having books at different levels is very appropriate to accommodate all readers. In order to build a classroom library with varying levels, teachers usually rely on bonus points from book orders or have to purchase books for the library for the class. Having a vast selection for students goes a long way to increase a lifetime interest in reading. You can think of it as investment in your own child and many future generations of interested readers! (They do not need to be new books! Next time you hit a book sale, garage sale, or know books your children have outgrown pass them on to a teacher!!)



All-New BN Kids Store! Inspiring curious minds everyday.

Class (Group) Gift:


If you have a little extra time, some items that are fun are:




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For even more great Teacher Gift ideas, Theme Party ideas, and ideas for helping your school build a better Parent-Teacher Organization, visit PTOIdeas.com.


FamilyFun teacher gift ideas

Teacher Gift Ideas



Teacher Gifts with a Homemade Touch



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